InstaDeep returns to Biologics UK for second year

Following on from last year’s successful event, InstaDeep attended Oxford Global’s Biologics UK conference in London again this week, as a key Platinum sponsor. Exhibiting its AI-powered DeepChain protein design platform, InstaDeep was among many other well-known industry names attending the 2-day in-person event, and the DeepChain team were kept busy with live product demos and 121 discussions throughout.  

On day 2, Dr Marcin J. Skwark, InstaDeep’s Bioinformatics Lead, took the stage to present DeepChain’s role in democratizing access to AI for protein engineering.  His talk and Q&A were immediately followed by a lively open panel discussion, where he was joined by InstaDeep colleagues Karim Beguir (Co-Founder and CEO) and Nicolas Lopez Carranza (BioAI & DeepChain Product Lead); along with Néstor Vázquez Bernat of ENPICOM B.V, and Dan Cannon from Schrodinger GmbH. The panel covered a range of topics, including debating whether AI should be trusted, what benefits AI has over physics-based methods and more. You can watch the full session below:

Prior to the event, Marcin and Nicolas also sat down for an interview with Eszter Sutowski-Nagy of Oxford Global to discuss their vision for how AI can accelerate engineering, along with its future possibilities and limitations; what areas InstaDeep is focusing on in that regard; and what they were most looking forward to from the show: 

The DeepChain team will be following up all the requests and contacts made at the event in the coming days, but if you missed out on a demo or discussion, get in touch at

Liz is the Global Brand and Communications Director at InstaDeep

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