InstaDeep, creator of DeepChain™, is in the Top 100 Most Innovative AI Companies for the Second Year

CB Insight named InstaDeep, the AI company behind DeepChain™,  to the fifth annual AI 100 ranking, showcasing the 100 most promising private AI companies in the world. It is the second time InstaDeep features on the exclusive list following the recognition in 2020, both times honoured for its cutting-edge achievements in R&D.

“This is the fifth year CB Insights has recognised the most promising private artificial intelligence companies with the AI 100, and this is one of the most global groups we’ve ever seen. This year’s cohort spans 18 industries and is working on everything from climate risk to accelerating drug R&D,” said CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal.

“Being nominated in the Global AI 100 once is already very exciting. Receiving the recognition two years in a row confirms that InstaDeep is a company to watch. We are truly humbled to make it onto the list again in 2021 and are committed to bringing world-first innovation that benefits everyone, such as DeepChain™, our AI protein design platform. Exciting times ahead!” says Karim Beguir, Co-Founder & CEO of InstaDeep. 

Powered by InstaDeep, whose mission is to accelerate the transition to an AI-first world that benefits everyone, DeepChain™ has been launched as an AI-powered protein exploration and design platform to empower protein research.  Leveraging innovative deep learning algorithms and synthetic biology expertise, the platform offers a data-driven approach to engineering proteins with desired attributes. DeepChain™ supports protein-based drug discovery and development, streamlining new protein design and lead candidates optimisation, with the goal of maximising confidence and success rate, ultimately accelerating the time to market. With a simple yet effective user-friendly interface, the platform returns results in under 24 hours thanks to InstaDeep’s world-class GPU supercomputing infrastructure. 

DeepChain™ empowers users to autonomously explore protein sequences within minutes, and conduct protein design tasks and powerful dynamics simulations in just a few clicks with no ML or AI expertise required. 

  • The Playground module leverages the power of transformer algorithms as an unbiased way to uncover novel protein sequences and discover new protein properties. Read more on transformers here.
  • The AI Designer module offers an automated pipeline to design new protein sequences according to a set criteria (e.g increased binding to target protein). It also allows users to explore how a set of given mutations affects the binding of two binding proteins, which can serve to understand potential mechanisms of action of disease-associated mutations.
  • The Molecular Dynamics module allows users to run and visualise powerful molecular dynamics simulations to uncover links between protein structure, stability and function in just a few clicks. Find more information here.
  • Jupyter Notebooks As a Service module enables users to conduct personalised analysis on the results provided by the other modules.  

With DeepChain™, InstaDeep is striving to provide the latest AI innovations to the hands of researchers to boost protein research and drug development.

Selected amongst 6,000 companies 

Through an evidence-based approach, the CB Insights research team selected the AI 100 from a pool of over 6,000 companies based on several factors, including patent activity, investor quality, news sentiment analysis, proprietary Mosaic scores, market potential, partnerships, competitive landscape, team strength, and tech novelty. The Mosaic Score, based on CB Insights’ algorithm, measures the overall health and growth potential of private companies to help predict a company’s momentum. 

“Last year’s AI 100 companies had a remarkable run after being named to the list, with more than 50% going on to raise additional financing (totalling $5.2B), including 16 $100 million+ mega-rounds. Many also went on to exit via M&A, SPAC or IPO. As industry after industry adopts AI, we expect this year’s class will see similar levels of interest from investors, acquirers and customers”, says Sanwal.

Quick facts on the 2021 AI 100:

  • Equity funding and deals: Since 2010, the AI 100 2021 cohort has raised over $11.7B in equity funding across 370+ deals from more than 700 investors.
  • 12 unicorns: Companies with $1B+ valuations on the list span applications as varied as data annotation, cybersecurity, sales & CRM platforms, and enterprise search. 
  • Geographic distribution: 64% of the selected companies are headquartered in the US. Eight of the winners are based in the UK, followed by six in China and Israel, and five in Canada. Other countries represented in this year’s list include Japan, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Germany, and South Korea.

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About InstaDeep

Founded in 2014, InstaDeep is an EMEA leader in decision-making AI products for the Enterprise, with headquarters in London, and offices in Paris, Tunis, Lagos, Dubai and Cape Town. With expertise in machine intelligence research and concrete business deployments, the Company provides a competitive advantage to its partners in an AI-first world. Leveraging its extensive know-how in GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning and reinforcement learning, InstaDeep has built products, such as its novel DeepChain™ platform, that tackle the most complex challenges across a range of industries. InstaDeep has also developed collaborations with global leaders in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem, such as Google DeepMind, NVIDIA and Intel. The Company is part of Intel’s AI Builders program and was named a Preferred Deep Learning Partner by NVIDIA. 

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